Dr. Sassan Kafayi
Restorative Dentistry
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TMJ/ Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr.Kafayi has had extensive training in correcting occlusion (bite) problems in patients with grinding/clenching issues. He is one of the very few to use pantograph. A pantograph, or a fully adjustable articulator is a device, which is used to mimic or simulate the movement of lower jaw in relation to the temporamandibular joint (TMJ). As a result all restorations are completed in the most exact way possible. Dr.Kafayi is well versed/trained to use gold and different types of porcelain restorations. Every patient, their bite and needs are different, requiring different techniques and materials. Over the years he has helped many patients with TMJ complications. Pictures below employ the use of pantograph, gold posterior (back) teeth, and 3 implants.

Before, different views

Programming a fully adjustable articulator (pantograph) to precisely mimic patient's jaw movement.

All upper and lower Porcelain/Gold crowns and 3 implants on study models.

Case completed.

All Photos are of an actual patient of Dr. Kafayi

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